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mr hypnotist takes a look at Sports NASCAR with the intention to hightlight some of hotest venues  what are the best seats in  the house enjoy your   number one team do thier thing ?

Best seats: well many are of the opinion that seat  in Dover International Speedway’s Monster Bridge are the best . this is the place that they  are  just scream down tham there  backstretch you could feel them passing right beneath your feet. and if you dont have  a ticket (you beeter have a friend  who does  or become lucky and win one, as they aren’t for sale.


Most improved view: You may have heard they have  new seats installed at Daytona International Speedway this is the Daytona love child  project it is  pretty need. and guest what a lot of the  seats are higher than the old level — you’ll feel like you are above the world looking down on the light poles — and naturally youhave wonderful view of the huge track because there you can  see every bit of action taking place  on the 2.5-mile layout.

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