Instructions And Introduction To Self-Hypnosis

First create the right environment. It should be possible for you to remain undisturbed for about 15 minutes. This means: phone is off the hook, maybe you want to listen to beautiful music?

. 2

Make it really comfortable. Whether you sit or lie is up to you. If you feel cold, use a blanket to keep you warm. Now you should slowly begin to let go of the worries just once – the next quarter of an hour is yours alone, here you can take sometimes to be selfish. In the end it is for your health.

. 3

Close your eyes. A small initial visualization will help you understand the everyday problems only time far away to send: Imagine that you have a big, white fluffy cloud in front of you. put now all your worries, your problems and your fears in this cloud. Finish? Then give the cloud a decent shove, and already she roars of – with all your problems – until it is somewhere on the horizon then it disappears.

. 4

Now you can start the actual self-hypnosis. Take a couple deep breath. The ideal would be a diaphragmatic breathing – they recognize the fact that lifts the abdomen during breathing. The diaphragmatic breathing comes naturally when you relax. So do not try to force anything something – let the breath flow easily and breathe more deeply into the abdomen.

. 5

Focus on your breathing. Imagine as you inhale with each inhale a piece of relaxation. Enter the relaxation quiet a color, a texture or imagine the relaxation as light – that will help you to experience the “inhalation” of relaxation even more realistic. So you can imagine, for example, as you inhale with each breath a golden balm, which is then distributed throughout your body and relaxes you more and more. Simply select an image that gives you a good feeling. If you wish, you can support the relaxation by formulaic suggestions: Tell yourself in spirit “With each inhalation, I sink deeper and deeper into this wonderful relaxation”. Not everyone likes to use additionally suggestions – try out to see what suits you best.

. 6

Now you can imagine how you breathe out stress: With each exhale a bracing pieces deviates more from your body, you can dissolve completely and relax. Focus on both the inhalation of relaxation as well as exhaling the tension.


Already, you can feel a wonderful feeling when you listen to yourself.

Enjoy this state, in principle you have already induces a self-hypnosis.


When you feel after a few weeks the desire to go deeper: No problem, use

Simply use the following very effective intensification technology:



. 7

Imagine now that you are faced with a staircase leading down to about ten steps to a door. This door leads to your very own magical space. This space allows you to completely relax and let it fall.

. 8

Go up the stairs now in the spirit down. Count backwards instead of forwards – from ten to zero. After each step, you can suggest to even deeper drop in this wonderful state. Something like this: “And even deeper I sink into this wonderful sleep” or “Deeper and deeper I sink my relaxation while growing more and more.” Continue to breathe deeply and calmly. And imagine calm before as you roam with his hand on a hand rail that runs next to the stairs.

. 9

Shortly before you reach the end of the stairs – that is, between the numbers one and zero – you can still suggest the following: “And at zero arrived, I sink even deeper – twice as deep – in this wonderful sleep.”


Once you have the number “zero” counted, you face the door to your magical space. Check out the door carefully and open it. Enter your magical space … this room is beautifully decorated, just that he is absolutely perfect for you! Take a deep breath and taste the air in the room. Soak up this peaceful silence a little on yourself.


Hark once in your body in where you just feel happiest. Imagine then, this feeling of happiness as a cone of light in your favorite color. Turn the “light switch” tidy up and immerse your entire body in this beautiful light. Just let it happen and see how your whole body is pervaded by a sense of happiness.


After some time, you discover your “sofa bed” that stands in your magical space. Drowsy convert back to this couch. You know that everyone who can fall into this couch into it, immediately three times as deep falls into this wonderful sleep. Breathe again thoroughly and then: let himself sink into your sofa bed! Instantly draws a wonderful feeling about you and you can let yourself go a little more. This sofa bed is your subconscious mind and open borders disappear: You can make the impossible possible in this couch! Are you traveling to distant places, look exactly the way you always wanted to be … your subconscious mind will store these images and can soon be a part of your reality.

After the first self-hypnosis you are a imagining, relaxed feeling in your

body. The more you work with the self-hypnosis, the more intense can be this feeling.

So it pays to stay on the ball and the art to practice regularly.

Start with the most points at 1-6 and lift the intensive method (1-12) that

Until you already have a little practice with self-hypnosis.

In order to solve again from hypnosis, proceed as follows:

Withdrawal of hypnosis


Say to yourself in the spirit: “I am going to wake up slowly back out of this beautiful state. I count from one to three now – arrived at three I’m wide awake, feel fit and fresh “You do not have to literally act, but rather, mutatis mutandis..

. 2

Counting then from one to three. Between the numbers, you can install more suggestions such as: “I’ll always awake and alert. My pulse and my blood pressure reached for my body optimum values “.

. 3

In three reached open your eyes. Let yourself be one or two more minutes before getting up – you will then be absolutely comfortable, fresh and rested.

Incidentally, it is not necessary to be “hypnotized” feeling. Do not use them quietly out

The state can itself extremely difficult: to want, whether you are in hypnosis because even consider

To recognize. Let easily done the process and free yourself from any possible

Existing constraint to control the process.


With self-hypnosis you can achieve a light to medium trance depth.

This is sufficient to work with positive suggestions. Here are two ways you can in the time

Hypnosis can be used profitably:

Short breaks

Take advantage of the above described technique to put themselves into a trance. Familiarize yourself your favorite vacation really alive in your mind’s eye: See the environment, smell the air, listen to the environment.

It does not matter if it is a real existing site or whether your holiday cookies completely your imagination arises.

You could, for example, on a beautiful tropical beach lying in the warm sand. You can hear the ocean waves beat softly on the beach while watching the sun going as she sinks into a magnificent glowing red in the sea. It is wonderfully warm and gentle breeze brushing your skin, gives a magical feeling when you take a deep breath.

Take 5-15 minutes to savor your favorite really. If you wish, you can also go on a tour and explore the landscape, for example there of course.

The highlight of the matter: your subconscious mind does not distinguish between actual experiences and things that you imagine alive during self-hypnosis. So if you dissolve again from self-hypnosis, it is exactly as if you just came from a refreshing getaway. If that is not a true luxury…


In a state of trance you can put itself suggestions. Make sure that you only work with positive, strung suggestions. And you sell your subconscious please falsehoods: “I am beautiful, slim and healthy” will not work if you are severely overweight – even if is what always happens in any of these “Think Positive” – reading literature.

Set rather accents for the future: “With each passing day my joy grows from feeding me well. I will always lean until I reached my absolute dream figure – and feel absolutely comfortable doing at all times“

This not only sounds good, but also does well – and it works!

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A little History Of The Traditional Character Clown

The clown was a traditional character of the theatre élisabéthain. If he were gaffor, oaf and ridiculous, he also showed a great good sense, and sometimes even of a cynicism close to that of the buffoon. He appeared in the popular theatre in England to the XV E century and replaced the character of vice old (too much old and not enough convenient to make laugh) which was not other than the servant and henchman of the devil. Obviously, the clown being a character of comedy, it was never equal to the underhand tasks that its Master entrusted to him, which served obviously the dramaturgy. The name of this character was Clod, this name evolved/moved one does not know how as a clown.

With the XIX E century, with the theatre, certain artists wanted to mix Shakespeare and the circus. It was a total vacuum, the public wanted acrobatics, not text. Even if certain clowns are famous thanks to the few sentences which they launched like “1, 2,3…” or “Music! ”, that does not make inevitably clown-actors of them.

contemporary Scene, to the XX E century [to modify]

berlin clowns
Liebigstr 24
10247 Berlin

To the XX E century, the actors burlesques made their appearance like Raymond Devos and Coluche, which, in all their spectacles, kept in their gestures and frame of mind a typical attitude of the clown.

In second half of the XX E century took place of the experiments of meeting and fusion between the various kinds clownesques and the theatre. A certain number of “types” emerged everywhere in the world. Ground, Buffo, Dimitri, Franz-Josef Bogner, Slava Polunin, Jango Edwards, Bolek Polivka, are examples.

Clown and stereotyped [to modify]

Strongly typified character, the clown, in the burlesque beginning character, saw his diverted image: first of all the prototype of the sad clown, “obliged appeared to make laugh even when its heart is large” (the white clown is in addition close, except for some spangles, of the nostalgic Lunar Pierrot); then characters of clowns malefic, who use the attraction that they exert near the children to kill them (such as the protean monster of That, novel of Stephen King), to torture them or violate them (such as Tweedles, of the group of avant-garde The Residents).

Clown, rock’n’roll and dance [to modify]

For a few years, the character of the clown has been integrated in a form of punk rock’n’roll, in particular by the French groups Bérurier Noir, Wriggles as by Insane Clown Poses or the Unpleasant Clowns. One can also note the emergence of the krump (current dance resulting from Los Angeles, at the instigation of Tommy the clown resulting from the hip hop clowning. One speaks even about Clown Core, mixture of metal and of rap, in a dark environment directed by clowns malefic, one can quote as example Bawdy Festival

CIRCA, the large army of the clowns [to modify] the

The initiative to create an army (parodic) rebellious clowns was born in England in 2003, at the time of the entry in war against Iraq. The idea was to prolong a dimension festive and subversive resulting from the old popular cultures of transgression (carnival, festival of insane…), to leave the traditional demonstrations plan-plan, to allow each one to bring its own ideas and its motivation thanks to a completely horizontal organization. From the English experiment of the Army Clown, groups of the same type developed in Denmark, in Belgium, in Germany and France (with in particular the VAT in Paris, but also the GIGN in Lyon, CRS with Clermont, the CRY in Marseilles, 73eme BCA in Chambéry, Nezfragés in the Gironde

The modern Clown is a comedy character

The modern clown usually as red nose big shoes and colorful costume.

That’s is the stereo type of a clown. A character like Charlie Chaplin is also a clown or buster Keaton.

They are from the movies, but the circus clown is what most people think of when they think of a clown.

There is the birthday clown this usually a man or woman clown that goes out to children birthday to entertain the kids.

What does a clown do at the children birth day party?

This varies. Some clown does balloon modeling?

They Form the long balloons into various kinds animal flowers motorbike hats ect

Children really love Balloon animals is liked grownups like them too.

The clown might do magic tricks this could be anything from making nose disappear and repairing behind the child’s ears.

It could backing a birthday cake using magic.

Other clowns do juggling as their main entertainment point they may do a circus number with the kids

Or even teach them simple circus skills

Other clowns may rely completely on things going rung falling down all the classic that clowns are known for with a mix of some of the above

This kind of clown tend to involve the children a lot in their clownery.

clown Berlin



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